by Slander

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released June 30, 2017



all rights reserved


Slander Venice, Italy

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Track Name: Drown
You can't stop it when it comes, rainy day, weary lungs,
heavy bongs, just one thought: "is my soul jaded?"
“whyld dawg!”
do you wanna know the meaning of “one shot”?
"my soul is jaded".
The glass is deeper,
the cut is deeper than you know.
Dirty place, hit the floor, empty space, nothing more.
Let me drop, let me turn now my brain off.
So what,
what if i drown? can i keep my stinky brown crown?
And I'm, I'm upside down.
it's a smile what looks like a frown.
Everyday and every night,
wake up, drink up, you're no more shy.
A floating smile above a tree:
"I'm all ears so lead me please. Have a reached the lvl drone? Can you heal my endless groan?" Just play the part, be the prey, every fucking day.
Track Name: Numbers
In the end i'm not a kid anymore but i still wear diseases under my clothes. I close my eyes 'cause i don't wanna see,
but well, fuck off! I go for plan 2CB.
ONE thing is what i need but it's hard to chew.
THREE, ONE, TWO, still countin' better than you.
I wonder how, I wonder why,
but from the beast I've got answers, heavy rain from the sky. It's true what they say:
as much as I complain
I'm not going to get out from this shit alive, again:
I wonder how, i wonder why,
but from the beast I've got answers, heavy rain from the sky.
“Look at you, you look so funny,
you, the wine, the couch, the wining.
Look at you, you think you're great,
but you're an asshole and your brain's baked.”
You just said some bitter things,
do you know what "envy" means?
I can't hear what you just said,
I'll keep shouting ne ne ne!
Track Name: Stoned Age (feat. Dj Craim)
I'm flippin' out, just loosin' control,
step by step, two steps, blindfolded in the mind land. Silent hills, dirty thoughts through the brain crawl. No hidden meaning at all.
In my mind there's a hole filled with lines. Don't ask the word. Smash the gate.
“See the light?”
Gatekeeper of the darkest bad habits,
standin' close to the deepest H.P.L's hell abyss,
kickin' stones to watch what could happen, but if i fall down, I won't make the same sound.
I know, rumors might be true:
so many people live their lives like they have no clue.
This is what i'm talkin' about:
Who deals with Slander, lives in strife.
The devil drags me kickin' and screaming.
When pain is outside is a way better feeling.
The devil drags me, so now games are pot, Royal Blue Cheese, droppin' bombs, dot, dot, dot.
Imagine yourself going on and on.
“Did you get it?” Is it enough what you got?
Well, now stop, come on, i'll try to image now what if i live the whole thing undone
Is there a hole in my mind filled with lines? The gate's open. “Still no light?”
Track Name: Loath
I got stuck in my head. I wanna get out but i can't. Too bad.
All the things i'm happy for, are the same that make me sad.
Crucify myself or give me a glorious death,
'cause they hate you when you're alive but once you're gone you were the best. Who cares about the time we had, when it was fast,
Who cares, fuck it, who cares?
I got stuck in my head. I wanna get out but I can't.
Too Bad.
Stuck in my bed.
I wanna get out but I can't.
I got stuck in my head. I wanna get out but I can't.
Too bad. Stuck in my head. Too Bad. Stuck in my head.
Track Name: Lamento Nero II (feat. Gully)
Bitch I got demons that been chillin inside of my brain stem Ain't no Christian fuck a church I ain't tryna hear amen.
I'm cut from a different cloth,
can't live by the same plan
But idk if I can keep on living deranged man.
Bitch I'm a fuckin psychopath and I need to be stopped.
Ain't no use in hiding from my wrath and callin the cops.
I'm a savage. I get happy when I make blood drop,
Cause all the violent thoughts that's racing cannot get turned off. Are you delusional? You think that therapy is gonna help me? The only way that I'll get better is an oak tree,
Or if these demons take over my fuckin body,
put the hammer to my head then cock that shit back and force me. I been struggling since a youngin wit my mind.
I can't keep forcing my pain to move and get left behind.
Turn everything into anger. It don't get better with time. Sometimes I just wish that I would die.
I'm sorry ma...
Track Name: Ultima Fobia
Nitpick and get disgusted,
standing alone, human being disaster.
I like to borrow troubles, what i've got is not enough. I must have at least the double.
Dead man's walking, looking for dead men's shoes, Catch a tiger by the toe,
tiger's gonna eat you whole.
I like to borrow troubles, what i've got is not enough. I want, I need, at least the triple.
Do you believe me or not?
This shit ain't just like you draw it.
There's a moment for smiling and in between thousand times you see your mommy crying. Is this what we always fought for?
Do you believe me or not?
I'll explain it one more time to be sure you put it straight in into your mind:
I like to borrow troubles and feel the warm. feeling like a worm.
It's a paranoia jacket.